Not an ordinary quiz!

The spectacular quizsensation contestants won't easily forget.

The Quizshow isn’t your tipical traditional pubquiz. In a beautiful setting with videoscreens, lights and audio contestants will battle for the win! Teams enter their answers via their smartphone. Rather offer at home quizzing? Streamed live into the livingroom of each contestant and enter answers via our special app on smartphone or tablet. Test your participants general knowledge, memory, tactical en timepressured skills. Find out with The Quizshow!

Staff party
The Quizshow is an ideal interpretation of your staff party. You can set up rounds based on your own company. Interspersed with interesting and hilarious questions, it will be a party that will be talked about for a long time to come.
Volunteer party
Almost every organization needs them: volunteers! Society cannot do without. That way we help each other. Show your appreciation for this group of people by giving them a spectacular evening and recharging them with new energy. The quiz can be mixed with fun facts or events about the past period. The connection between volunteer and organization will be considerably strengthened.
Village festival
A completely different way than having streets or neighborhoods compete against each other than a hexathlon. Or perhaps as part of the village battle? Villagers compete with each other with De Quizshow. And what do they know about the history of the village? We will find out with a special village round…
Corporate event​
How can you interactively connect your customers with your company. Overloaded with documentation or an interactive game show that is substantively based on your company. With The Quizshow you will be able to tell more about your company and at the same time get in touch with prospects in an informal way. Together we will discuss the questions we are going to ask.
Celebrating a milestone? Very nice to do that with a reception, with a drink and bitterballen of course. But what would happen if you added a whirlwind game show? We know… Add questions about the anniversary combined with all kinds of knowledge questions and you have a fantastic anniversary party.
Children's party
When you use The Quizshow for your own event, it is also possible to let the younger target group participate, or maybe even to organize it uniquely for them. Questions tailored to the younger target group so that they can immediately learn something. Because they play in teams, they will also have to work together and convince each other of the correct answer.
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The Quizshow is a unique and unforgettable interpretation of your event. Success guaranteed!

Let us know what you want and we'll get to work for you! We provide online pub quizzes or a dazzling show on location.