The Quizshow online!

De online pubquiz speel je vanaf je eigen bank.

The Quizshow Online is the alternative to a traditional pub quiz. You might as well play these from your own living room. Against each other and with each other! For any event, such as a company party, staff outing, volunteer party, village party or any other event.

Participants follow the live broadcast from their own living room via laptop or computer. They then answer the questions with an app on their smartphone or tablet. You can chat with other participants and the quiz host via a chat box! This way we involve all participants in the show. Together with the photos that participants can send in, it will be a super interactive show that will be talked about for a long time.

What is The Quizshow Online
Why The Quizshow Online?

The Quizshow Online

as of
  • Including 50 participants
  • Expandable to more participants
  • Own quiz page with explanation
  • Live broadcast from Quizshow studio
  • Chat with the quiz host during the show
  • Home photo break

Complete the quiz with The Quizbox!

Complete the home experience during the online quiz with the well-filled Quizbox! The boxes can be delivered to a (company) address for your own distribution or we will arrange for them to be delivered individually. We have put together a number of packages for you, customization is also possible. The boxes are available from € 18.95, excluding shipping costs.

What do you need?

Players will need a computer or laptop to view the live stream. You also need a smartphone with an app on it with which you can give the answers. The links to this app will be made available to all participants via your own quiz page.

Duration of the quiz

The quiz normally takes about 2 hours. Halfway through there is a break of about 5 to 10 minutes. Handy for refilling snacks and drinks and/or going to the toilet. The livestream starts about 15 minutes before the start.

Content of the quiz

In about 8 rounds, all kinds of questions and games are discussed. Think of categories like General, Sports, History and more. Photo rounds and music rounds can also be taken. Would you like to tailor the quiz to your own organisation? That’s possible! Please contact us.

Own quiz page

The quiz is played on your own quiz page within our website. This page contains the live stream, a chat box and all the information needed to play the quiz. By distributing this page among the participants, they can participate in the quiz.

Additional facilities

Glass Award

Optionally, we can supply beautiful glass awards. These are laser engraved and have the quiz date and the name of the event visible next to the logo of De Quizshow. An elegant and unique keepsake!

Registration form

You can register for your quiz via our own livestream page using our special webshop. The participant will receive all necessary information by e-mail and you as the organizer will have access to the registrations that have been processed.

Payment registration fee

Is the event accessible against payment? The registration fee can be paid directly via iDeal through our webshop. After the quiz, the entrance fee collected will be settled with the invoice and you will receive the remainder of the proceeds into your account within 5 working days after the show.

Ticket code participants

Ticket codes give you full control over being able to participate in The Quizhow. You can distribute these tickets yourself via a template supplied by us, or participants can order or request them via a special webshop.


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